A Floral Paradise at “Leptos Kamares Village”


The flowers are at their best in Cyprus  around mid-May and this is the time when “Leptos Kamares Village” blooms with enchanting flowers. Flowers, plants and fauna that can only be found in Cyprus invite you to seek them and present a haven for anyone that loves to observe nature.  A large variety of wild flowers also grow in the area, some of which are very rare.

“Kamares Village” is an area of outstanding beauty to which Leptos Estates has been privileged to its natural surroundings. A variety of stunning villas dotted over the hillsides overlook the sea, each one incorporating the use of natural materials including stone and wood and with particular care being given towards nature, gardens, landscape and views. The consideration for the environment has enabled many of the wild flowers to grow and flourish, and the planting of hundreds of thousands of trees has preserved numerous green areas to protect the natural landscape. Leptos is committed to preserving and enhancing the environment it shares.
“Leptos Kamares Village” offers Mediterranean living at its best. An area where you can indulge in culture and history, flora and fauna, perfect climate, traditional cuisine and local wine, festivals, music and dance, lifestyle and an abundance of activities or just peace and tranquility, enjoying the sunshine and magnificent Paphos sunsets. Life in Kamares is an eclectic mix of people, all enjoying its wonderful ambience, living in harmony together. “Leptos Kamares Village” and Paphos are a new bridge to a happy life.