In-Business Gold Magazine: Setting New Standards in Luxury Real Estate Development


Mr. George M. Leptos and Mr. Pantelis M. Leptos, prominently featured on the cover, recently conducted an interview with In-Business Gold Magazine. During the discussion, they highlighted the remarkable achievements of Leptos Group and its groundbreaking contributions to setting new standards in luxury real estate development in Cyprus. View full interview below:

Tell us a bit about the Group’s history and its journey to become what it is today.

Pantelis M. Leptos: In its 64 years of entrepreneurship, the Leptos Group has become established as the leading property developer in Cyprus and a major contributor to many industry sectors, including Hospitality, Property Management, Healthcare and Education. The Group proudly boasts a workforce of more than 1,500 around the world, with more than 350 completed projects in both Cyprus and Greece. With a presence in 75 countries, the Leptos Group promotes the modern image of our ever-evolving island internationally. The Group has deep historic roots that date back over six decades. To reach the point where it is now, it has had to overcome many difficulties.

The first steps were taken in the early 1960s, when our late father, Michael G. Leptos, was a pioneer in the property development business in Kyrenia. Following the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Group’s activities were relocated to the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf, focusing on constructing major residential developments. The exquisite natural beauty and history that Paphos had to offer gave it great potential for successful development, making it the next big step for the Leptos Group. In addition to the 5-star Coral Beach Hotel & Resort, the Thalassa Boutique Hotel & Spa and a number of other hotels, the Leptos Group has focused on the construction of residential developments, while broadening its scope by venturing into the Healthcare and Education sectors with the Iasis Private Hospital and Neapolis University Pafos.

How do you expect Limassol Blu Marine to enhance the city of Limassol? What has been the market response to the project?

George M. Leptos: Limassol Blu Marine exemplifies Cyprus’s new international identity, seamlessly blending quality and innovation. Its prime downtown seafront location, contemporary architecture and construction excellence make it an outstanding choice. With a total investment of €400 million, the project stands out for its uniqueness, design, and services. These include an abundance of open spaces, green areas, superb restaurants, expert hospitality services, a comprehensive wellness centre, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, dedicated owners’ meeting spaces, and large indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Building on the established success of our Limassol Del Mar project, Limassol Blu Marine seamlessly continues this trajectory. Following the impressive sale of 75% of Poseidon Tower, the Zeus Tower Signature Collection is now released for sale. This accomplishment reflects the robust demand for our developments and investor confidence in them. Limassol Blu Marine is not only enhancing the city of Limassol but is also strategically contributing to the investment infrastructure of the island, setting a new benchmark in our steadfast commitment to excellence.

Our focus remains on attracting foreign investment, supporting many local business sectors and contributing to the development of the Cyprus economy as a whole.

What is the design philosophy behind Zeus Tower? What makes it unique?

P.M.L.: The Zeus Tower Signature Collection will rise as a distinctive seafront luxury residential building, showcasing an unparalleled dedication to elegance and comfort. With Limassol Blu Marine having a prime location in “The Centre of Everything”, next to the Limassol Marina on Limassol’s city centre sea front, the Zeus Tower is designed to offer a lifestyle of unparalleled convenience and sophistication. Unique in its approach, the Zeus Tower Signature Collection comes complete with a furniture package, state-ofthe-art smart home systems, and premium branded appliances, ensuring a living experience that harmoniously combines luxury and modernity.

What should we expect following the completion of Zeus Tower?

G.M.L.: We anticipate an exciting range of creative developments. At Leptos Group, we are strategically positioned with a portfolio of well-received projects, including best-sellers like Limassol Park, Paphos’ Venus Gardens, Coral Seas Villas, and our flagship Kamares village. Additionally, our presence extends to Greece with projects in Crete, Paros and Santorini. Our diverse range of products, coupled with our unwavering commitment to construction quality and our investor-friendly payment terms, solidifies our position as the preferred choice for property investors.

To what extent are sustainable and green initiatives integrated into your operations and how does this impact client preferences?

P.M.L.: Sustainability is a core value at Leptos Group. Green initiatives are deeply integrated into our operations, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. This commitment not only aligns with global trends but also resonates with our clients, who increasingly prioritise environmentally conscious choices. Furthermore, we are to be the recipients of a Gold Certificate at the Environmental Awards of the Cyprus Recycling Organization for the judicious management of construction and demolition waste in our projects, and award that highlights our dedication to green/sustainable practices and nature in general.

How do you envision Leptos Group in the years to come? What are the main challenges and opportunities?

G.M.L.: Looking ahead, 2024 is poised to be a year of global change, marked by significant events such as developments in Ukraine and Israel, local and international elections. Cyprus has the opportunity to further strengthen its position as a regional business hub and a safe haven for both businesses and families. We are already witnessing a notable surge in demand from IT companies choosing to relocate to the island. The Leptos Group, with activities in the Real Estate, Hospitality, Property Management, Education and Healthcare sectors, is ideally positioned to complement this growth. As we navigate these dynamic global changes, our focus remains on attracting foreign investment, supporting many local business sectors and contributing to the development of the Cyprus economy as a whole.

On a closing note, who is the object of your professional admiration?

P.M.L.: Our business idol could not be any other than our late father Michael Leptos. What has stuck with us it the way we remember him as children and the way he navigated life’s tough challenges. He was a very visionary man, firm but fair, hardworking, with a great deal of drive, energy and determination – elements that form the strong foundations of the Leptos Group.

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